How To Order A Radiator.....

1. Make a note of your room sizes.

 2. Using our BTU Calculator or 'Printable Chart', use your measurements to find the recommended BTU (British Thermal Unit) output for your room.
For example: 12ft x 10ft x 8 ft = 4800 btu's

3. Choose your radiator.
Primer Finish - Radiators are painted in a primer paint to be finished on site.
Painted Finish - Pre painted in the workshop with your choice of colour before assembly.
Polished/Highlighted - The radiators are polished down to the bare cast iron before assembly. (Please note: these are not suitable for high moisture rooms as cast iron will rust).

4. The dropdown box on the product page shows the BTU output for your chosen radiator, just choose the nearest size and your done (example below, 14 sections - 4816 btu's). Add the radiator to your cart and choose your next radiator.

Please Note: If the output on a chosen radiator isn't high enough to meet your room sizes, you may need to fit more than 1 radiator in the room. Alternatively choose a larger radiator with a higher output.

5. Don't forget to add your valves and fixings and your done. All of our radiators are hand built to order and can take a couple of weeks to deliver to your door. Make sure you have received your radiators before installing pipes and plumbing as all sizes are approximate due to the nature of the product.