New Cast Iron Radiator Website Launched

Pendragon have launched their new look radiator website.

The new site incorporates an updated interface designed to run faster than the previous version. A new striking colour scheme adds to the overall appearance together with larger, clearer images of products and a generally less cluttered feel.

Pendragon Radiator Website

Many of the most popular radiators can be accessed directly from the home page, rather than the need to trawl through the categories to find them.

Buttons have also been added directly to the home page directing users to the main product categories such as painted radiators or polished rads.

We think you’ll agree, the new Pendragon Radiators website offers a refreshing new change compared to previous versions and will soon be updated with even more exciting new products.

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Carron Stoves – Pendragon

Pendragon have now introduced a new Carron Stoves website featuring the range of Carron enamel, wood burning and multifuel stoves.

Carron currently produce 4 models being the round Dante stove, the 4.7kW, 7.3kW and 11kW. All are available in a wide range of coloured enamel finishes which can be found on the Pendragon Fireplaces website or on the new website where they are available to buy online.


Carron Crocus Wheel Valve – Price Cut at Pendragon Radiators

Pendragon Radiators have reduced the price of the Carron Crocus Wheel radiator valves. The radiator valve is available in brass and chrome finish.

The valve has standard fittings of 15mm – 1/2″ to fit any standard cast iron radiators. It also features a thermostatic head and comes complete with a lockshield.

The Crocus wheel radiator valves also come with a manufacturers 10 year warranty.

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New Cast Iron Radiators Added – Pendragon Radiators

Pendragon Radiators have now added more new radiators to there ever expanding range.

New radiators include the Tuscany, Peerless, Cromwell, Butterfly, Thistle, Deco and Liberty.

Existing ranges have also been added to with variations of the Victorian, Ribbon, Duchess and Eton.

All of the traditional period radiators are available in the popular range of paint finishes together with a basic primer paint, highlighted and polished or burnished finishes.

Pendragon are still offering FREE wall stay fixings with all radiator orders. Visit the website at for more details.

Deco Cast iron Radiators – Pendragon Radiators

Deco cast iron radiators room settingDeco Hand Burnished cast iron radiator

The Art Deco style ‘Deco’ radiators have been added to the Pendragon Fireplaces website.

The strong Deco theme is captured with unfussy geometric forms which add 1920s and 30s glamour to your home, but wouldn’t look out of place in a contemporary setting.

The Deco cast iron radiators available in 2 height variations of 585 and 795mm, can be assembled in various lengths of up to 20 sections long.

The Deco radiators are available in a painted, polished, primer or antique effect finishes.

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New Links To Pendragon Radiators

We are currently rebuilding the Pendragon Radiators website and adding more radiator products as we go. The following links are for our painted Victorian cast iron radiators.

Antoinette cast iron radiators – 985mm
Chelsea cast iron radiators – 675mm
Churchill cast iron radiators – 670mm
Churchill cast iron radiators – 975mm
Cromwell cast iron radiators – 485mm
Cromwell cast iron radiators – 635mm
Cromwell cast iron radiators – 780mm
Daisy cast iron radiators – 595mm
Daisy cast iron radiators – 780mm
Daisy cast iron radiators – 975mm
Duchess cast iron radiators – 590mm
Duchess cast iron radiators – 785mm
Eton cast iron radiators – 765mm
Eton cast iron radiators – 480mm
Eton cast iron radiators – 620mm
Eton cast iron radiators – 770mm
Orleans cast iron radiators – 980mm
Peerless cast iron radiators – 550mm
Peerless cast iron radiators – 750mm
Princess cast iron radiators – 460mm
Princess cast iron radiators – 610mm
Princess cast iron radiators – 795mm
Ribbon cast iron radiators – 810mm
Ribbon cast iron radiators – 650mm
Ribbon cast iron radiators – 795mm
Rococo cast iron radiators – 810mm
Thistle cast iron radiators – 785mm
Tuscany cast iron radiators – 765mm
Verona cast iron radiators – 650mm
Verona cast iron radiators – 800mm
Verona cast iron radiators – 940mm
Victorian cast iron radiators – 615mm
Victorian cast iron radiators – 325mm
Victorian cast iron radiators – 460mm
Victorian cast iron radiators – 660mm
Victorian cast iron radiators – 760mm
Victorian cast iron radiators – 810mm
Victorian cast iron radiators – 365mm
Victorian cast iron radiators – 625mm
Victorian cast iron radiators – 740mm
Victorian cast iron radiators – 920mm
Victorian cast iron radiators – 330mm

The full range of Pendragon Radiators products including radiator valves and fixings can be found at


Verona Victorian Cast Iron Radiator

The Verona cast iron radiator from Pendragon is now available in 3 sizes as 2 further models have been added to the range. The traditional Victorian radiators come in heights of 650, 800 and 940mm giving a wider range of variation to fit around the home.verona cast iron radiator end sectionThe Verona radiator by Carron was originally manufactured in Massachusetts, USA, by the American Radiator Company. The original radiators date from the 1890s and incorporates cherubs, dragons and lions entwined in vines.victorian verona cast iron radiator sizesThe radiator is stunning in the full polished hand burnished finish but has just as much impact when painted with one of our colour finishes. Customers can also choose from our extensive range of traditional radiator valves and fittings to compliment the radiators.verona victorian cast iron radiator coloursThe radiators are assembled by hand to specific customer requirements and delivered to your door.verona cast iron radiator victorian corner detailVisit the website now at to see the full range of products available from our collection.

Tuscany Cast Iron Radiators

Pendragon Radiators are now offering the Tuscany radiator from their extensive range of traditional period Victorian radiators.

The Tuscany radiator by Carron has a beautiful elegance reminiscent of the Art Deco period from the mid 1920s. It features a rounded top and flowing lines down the twin column legs.

The Tuscany radiator can be fitted with any Pendragon valves to suit your décor.

Visit the website for further details at



Cromwell Cast Iron Radiators

   cromwell cast iron radiators room setting   Cromwell painted cast iron victorian carron radiators   Cromwell victorian carron cast iron radiators

Pendragon Radiators add more products to their superb selection in the form of the new Cromwell cast iron radiators

.cromwell cast iron radiator 485 victorian carron  cromwell cast iron radiator 635 victorian carron  Cromwell cast iron victorian radiator 780 carron

The Cromwell is from the Carron brand and is available in 3 sizes being 485, 635 and 780mm in height. The radiator dates from around 1885 and was produced in America. Even though it is from the Victorian period, it would not look out of place in a modern environment due to its plain styling, having only a small unobtrusive detail to the foot. The rear leg is flat to the main body meaning it can sit very close to the wall taking up very little room space.

cast iron radiators, cromwell

As the radiator is of cast iron construction, it has the added benefit of distributing heat, long after the boiler has been turned off, unlike modern steel radiators which rapidly loose heat capacity.

The Cromwell radiator can be fitted with any of the radiator valves on the Pendragon website at

As with all Pendragon radiators, the Cromwell radiators carry a 10 year manufacturers guarantee as supplied by Carron.—485mm-39382-p.asp


Antoinette – Period Cast Iron Radiators

Pendragon have now added the French style Antoinette to their range of cast iron radiators. Standing at 985mm high, it is the tallest radiator in the collection available to buy online. It is available in the usual finishes such as painted, polished, highlight polish or simply in primer paint finish for customers to paint with their own colour scheme.

Antoinette cast iron radiators polished

The Antoinette has a strong Regal French influence with intricate detailing to the top which is mirrored at the foot. The two details are linked by a central motif on the main body and a slight curved vine down the edge.

antoinette cast iron radiator 985

The radiator is ideal for tall rooms due to its scale as it takes up a smaller floor space whilst generating a high heat output.

To buy the Antoinette cast iron radiator visit and see the complete collection.